Let Pinterest be your stylist for Semi-Formal 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's that time of year again at DePaul University: Semi-Formal Season! My sorority is hosting a "Greek Goddess" themed semi-formal where girls and their dates can wear togas or toga-inspired dresses, anything gold, and ivy headpieces. Time to research hair, makeup, and accessory ideas! Luckily, I've found some great beauty ideas on Pinterest to spice up my look for the evening.

This is my "toga" for the evening! This MM Couture dress is perfect for our toga-themed night. Unlike the one pictured, mine is a taupe/light-brown color. I plan on tying gold rope around my waist to make it even more toga-esque! I snagged this gorgeous dress off Piperlime.com, and the last one, might I add! It was fate!
Personally, I prefer a nude colored nail. It's classy, sophisticated, and goes with ANY accessory. Since I'll be wearing different bangles, head pieces, belts, and shoes, a neutral nail is definitely the way to go. I plan on wearing OPI's "Privacy Please". 
This is a great idea for a homemade gold belt! I'll be raiding the craft store for some simple gold elastic or thin ribbon, and braiding long enough to wrap around twice! Homemade easy and chic!

Smokey lids? Yes, please! The more dramatic the better.

Great how-to for big curly waves with only three rollers and a few pins! Simply roll three sections of your hair to frame your face with waves. Then, use a curling iron to curl the remaining sections, and secure them with a bobby pin! While you're doing your facial, make-up, and nails, your hair should be ready for the party! The only question is: big waves or tight curls?

I think want to try Taylor's tight curls a try this year for Semi! Look, she's even rockin' a gold Grecian inspired headband! It would look great with an ivy headpiece!

I will definitely be trying these at-home facials the day of semi-formal. 

I have bangles exactly like these I could wear to our Greek-themed party! Wearing them further up on my arm will definitely complete my Grecian-inspired look!

Making your own toga? Here's a great toga tutorial!

For all the women in my Chapter, utilize Pinterest!! There are so many amazing tips for great looking skin, hair, makeup, and accessories!

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