Confessions of an Online-Shopaholic

Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you really knew me, you'd know that I'm an excessive online shopper. Not because I'm a shopaholic, but because there's never time for a busy college student like me to hop on the L to Michigan Avenue. When deciding what to give up for Lent this year, I decided to get creative. Yeah, I could give up the usual sweets, junk food, or Facebook, but I wanted to give up something that could help me gain some discipline when it comes to my money spending habits. So, this year for Lent, I've decided to give up online shopping. With the help of my roommates (who would know if I ordered something since we share the same mailbox) I'm going to be a saver for 40 days. In the long run, I hope this cements my saving habits so I can afford to stay in this wonderful city of Chicago after graduation!

Also, if you knew a little something about me, you'd know that I'm a Kate Spade fanatic! I'm constantly checking their website for her newest pieces and drool over some of this the items from this and last season. I adore her preppy yet modern designs but haven't had the chance to spoil myself with her products. So, to reward myself for going 40 days without shopping, I'll be treating myself to these Kate Spade products!

Kate Spade "Hedgehog Bon Shopper"

Kate Spade "Graffiti Spade iPhone 4 Case"
Kate Spade "Signature Spade Crystal Earring Studs"
Kate Spade "Sailor's Knot Ring"

So far, so good. It's day 2 and I haven't spend a penny (unless you count the grande caramel soy latte I got this morning, but that's a necessity!). Hopefully the incentive of these Kate Spade gems will keep me in line for the next 39 days. Sure this may seem like an excuse to save up my money, but it's hard to constantly save your money when you're living in a trendy, fashion-filled city like Chicago. Wish me luck!

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