The new television series "Sorority Girls" is a complete disgrace.

Friday, February 3, 2012

If you haven't heard of TLC's new show "Sorority Girls", don't waste your time watching an episode or even the trailer. This "reality" show is supposed to give British girls an "All-American", "authentic" sorority recruitment experience. 

Is episode after episode of hazing, degradation, tears what TLC classifies as a "sorority"? As a sorority woman who takes her sorority very seriously, I am utterly insulted that TLC is running this show and portraying sorority women in such an aggressive and negative way - TLC totally ignores the fact that sororities uphold a set of values and standards. This show is the exact opposite of what being a member of a sorority is about and only affirms the rumors and reputations the nation gives sorority women.

All in all, is absolutely despicable, totally degrading to sorority women, and a false representation of what we as Panhellenic women are about

To help in the efforts to cancel TLC's "Sorority Girls" visit this site to sign a petition against the show. 

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