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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Throughout history, there have been many notable Chi Omegas nationwide: To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee (Nu Beta, University of Alabama), actress Lucy Liu (Eta, University of Michigan) and Susan Helms (Pi Gamma, University of New Mexico), the first woman to live in the International Space Station.
There is one Chi Omega, however, that has made an international buzz. Cindy Chiang (Pi Alpha, University of Cincinnati) and her then fiancĂ©, Ernie Halvorsen, won the nineteenth season of the popular CBS reality show The Amazing Race. These Chicagoans raced around the world for one month testing their mental and physical strengths through rigorous challenges.  In the end, the couple’s competitive attitude earned them the title of Amazing Race 19 winners and a prize of one million dollars.
Shortly after the season finale of The Amazing Race aired, Cindy and Ernie exchanged vows at the Chicago Cultural Center with a vintage travel themed wedding. There was even a small Amazing Race cake displaying Cindy and Ernie in their signature yellow t-shirt and backpacks.
The married couple hopes to establish a charity that will benefit worldwide health education with their remaining winnings. In an interview with TVGuide, Cindy explaines more about the organization. “We're still in the process of getting the paperwork going”, Cindy said, “but we're hoping to use this organization to bring awareness to and to fight childhood obesity through education, fitness and nutrition programs.”
 Cindy and Ernie continue to live happily in Chicago where they work in brand and project management. 

Cindy and Ernie on season 19 of The Amazing Race.
(Source: CBS)
Cindy and Ernie with host Phil Keoghan at the finish line of The Amazing Race.
(Source: CBS)
Cindy and Ernie on their March10 wedding.
(Source: Cindy Chiang Halvorsen)
Cindy and Ernie's Amazing Race-style wedding cake.
(Source: Cindy Chiang Halvorsen)
Meet Cindy and Ernie!

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