Summer books to read: Nadia Knows Best by Jill Mansell

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I found this book while browsing the bookshelves in Barnes & Noble after my boyfriend's brother gave me a B&N gift card for my birthday. I stumbled upon Mansell's section and I admit I was first attracted to the teal cover (CP's favorite color), but after I read the summary on the back, I knew I found a winner. 

I looked at Mansell's other novels and couldn't decide which one to pick (I actually had five novels spread all over a table trying to decide which one to pick). I eventually narrowed it down to two novels: Nadia Knows Best and To the Moon and Back. Ultimately, I chose the teal-covered Nadia Knows Best and I figure I can pick up the other novel once I'm finished. 

I haven't started reading this book yet (I'm still working on Southern Charm) but it looks like a hit from the back cover and reviews I read on Amazon. Jill Mansell's novels are a worthy addition to your summer reading list!


Here's a review from Amazon: Landscape designer Nadia Kinsella meets Jay when she’s still involved with male model Laurie, her teenage sweetheart. But when Laurie leaves Nadia to pursue his acting career in Los Angeles, and Nadia ends up working for Jay, she’s hoping the timing will be right. Meanwhile, her impetuous artist sister, Clare, falls for a complete cad, who dumps her when she needs him most, while their father begins his first romance since their mother left him. Their glamorous grandmother Miriam confronts a long-buried secret, and their flighty mother, Leonie, pops back up in time to unsettle their youngest sister, Tilly. Mansell’s trademark wit and quirkiness is showcased in this fun chick-lit tale that has enough going on to keep readers entertained through the last page.

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