Chicago to Michigan travel essentials

Saturday, July 28, 2012

When I'm craving a weekend at home in Michigan, like this weekend for instance, I simply pack up my Vera Bradley Miller tote and hop on a train at Millenium Station.

The almost two-hour train ride can become quite a bore (I've learned through my college years), so it's a must to come prepared with some form of entertainment and sustenance.

Here's what I always pack in my tote for the train:

1. A good book
Well, in this case, a Kindle. Currently, I'm reading Summer at Tiffany (read about it in an upcoming post!). My Kindle is also great for playing games and browsing when I can pick up WiFi!

2. iPhone
Who doesn't feel lost without their phone? On the train, I usually use my phone keep up to date on Twitter while on the train (also to make sure my ride is there to pick me up)! 

3. A beverage
If you follow my Instagram account, you know how much I love my La Croix sparkling water. I usually bring a few cans of cran-raspberry with me!

4. A snack
My snack or choice? Pirate's Booty. This stuff is seriously addicting (WARNING!)

These train essentials usually make the trip back home bearable and well worth the long commute!

Here's what my Twitter followers said they can't live without while travelling: 

"I must travel with a book & my L.L. Bean tote."
-Lauren (@DCGirlinPearls)

"Excellent headphones!"
-Kathleen (@KatieWalpole)

"iPhone, of course!"
-Jess (@jgambacurta)

"Makeup remover, among other skin products!"
-Kate (@KateMurphy23)

"My essential travel item is my Nook. I'm able to have large selections of books with me wherever and whenever."

What's your must-have while traveling to your desired destination?

Only a few hours of work, then it's time to catch my train and enjoy a relaxing few days at home with my family!


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