Friday, July 27, 2012

Even though we're about to hit August and summer is still in full swing, it's never to early to think about what tote will be carrying your textbooks, what shoes will walk you to class, and so on.

Yesterday, Tory Burch sent out an email announcing their fall collection of clothing and accessories. Going to classes on the first day as the most fabulous you has never been a faux-pas. Textbooks look better is a leather tote. The walk to class seems less boring when you're wearing your new favorite shoes. Class flies by when you're dressed to the nines.
What better way to make a re-appearance on campus than with the assistance of Tory Burch's new fall collection of accessories?

Browse through these pieces that I'd love to strut with on campus and tell me which one you'd most likely be seen with!



  1. Love the Robinson Mini Square Tote! The color is gorgeous!

  2. this post is adorable. loving the robinson tote.

  3. I love that Reva bag. Uh wish I could afford them all!

  4. Okay, this post potentially just emptied my savings. I have wanted a pair of those riding boots FOREVER! Hmmm my 4 year anniversary is coming up, should I ask for them? Or for a bag? Decisions, decisions!

  5. I love all of these items! I have wanted those boots forever, my 4 year anniversary is coming up maybe I'll ask for them! But really, in love with all of these items!


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