Guest Blogger: Samantha from Subtly Fabulous

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hi everyone! I am Samantha from Subtly Fabulous guest blogging for Carly! I wanted to share some of my Summer favorites and staples with you all today.

I have been so obsessed with all of these items this summer, and together they look even better! This dress is one of my favorites because you can totally go from day to night. For the bag, you will nearly always see me with a big tote because I just insist on carrying my entire life around with me at all times. The necklace is one of my favorites and I wear my monogram necklace a few times a week and it never ceases to receive compliments. The watch is a bangle watch and I have one that is very similar; however, I love the bow on this one! The sandals match the dress perfectly so really there was no other choice. The phone case is too adorable to pass up with its gold polka dots!

Well I hope you all enjoyed my post on the Chicago Prepster’s blog and please be sure to stop my Subtly Fabulous soon!

(Samantha and I did a blog post swap! Click here to see the post I wrote for her blog.)

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