J.Crew faceoff

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Every morning when I'm choosing my outfit, the question regarding my accessories is always "shiny or simple?" I personally love all things that sparkle and shine, but I'm also a fan of the basics.

I got an email from J.Crew yesterday about these bangles and thought they were the perfect example of how to jazz up your outfit with glimmering gold accessories or to be classically chic with basic enamel bangles.

I love J.Crew's bracelets because they can be mixed and matched, no matter the material, price, or size. Whether you're looking to dazzle or dress down, J.Crew's bangles are perfect for any occasion!

Which would you prefer? Gold or simple?

Goldmine stack
(top to bottom)

Basic Stack



  1. I love them all. I tend to mix and match, with a couple of simple bangles and one that is a bit more.

  2. Classic enamel all the way! I get snatch up the Crewcuts enamel bangles whenever I see them because I think they fit better :)

  3. Where can you find the crewcuts bangles? I am looking for them, too.


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