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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A few weeks ago, a Twitter suggestion lead me to find Dress For The Wedding. Being the typical "planning-my-future-wedding" type of girl, I happily clicked "Follow" and browsed the website. What I found was a magnificent website for the wedding-obsessed and bride-to-be filled with amazing wedding tips, styling, and attire. I love her section about what to wear to a certain type of wedding!

I contacted Dress For The Wedding writer Sukey to see if she could come up with some wedding-guest dresses I could wear to my cousin's wedding next month. Since I have an incredibly busy fall schedule, I knew I needed to start planning ahead. She came up with some phenomenal outfits and I'm excited to go over them and select one to wear! 

Sukey did such a great job finding these ensembles for me that I asked if I could feature her post on my blog. If you ever need advice about what to wear to a wedding (or any event, for that matter), Sukey is your girl!

Without further ado, here is the post Sukey put together for me.

{Post Excerpted and re-edited from Dress For The Wedding:}

Carly has been a great new friend to me and to my blog, Dress For The Wedding, which finds styling ideas for wedding guests and the entire wedding party. I love Carly’s perfect preppy style, her cheerful posts, and her wonderful knack for introducing people and making new friends!  
When Carly told me she was headed to her cousin’s wedding this fall, and asked me to find some dresses, I was so excited look for some ideas for her.

Here are the wedding details:
  • Date of wedding: September 28
  • City where it will be held: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Time of wedding and reception: 2pm
  • Venue details: Catholic church
  • Colors she likes to wear: Shades of blue, orange, yellow, pastels
  • Colors she dislikes wearing: Black, brown, tan, etc.
  • Style or fit of clothing she feels suits her: Preppy, clean cut style. Peplums or short A-line dresses. Modest.
  • Budget: Under $100
  • Styles she does not care for: Nothing showing too much cleavage or too short.
So, with that information, here are my picks for Carly:
See Dress For The Wedding for complete shopping sources.
Asos Prophecy Orange Dress | Rare Chiffon Orange Skater Dress
Suzi Chin Blue Dress | Trina Turk Peplum Dress 

Then, because I found a few more that seemed like they could be even more Carly-ish, I tried to put together some complete looks she might like. 

See Dress For The Wedding for Shopping Sources 
Column 1: Topshop Pink Peplum Dress | Bauble Bar Pink Cluster Bib Necklace | Vince Camuto Caramel Heel
Column 2:  J.Crew Basket Weave Shift Dress | Leslie Danzis Necklace | Katie & Kelly Daffodil Pump
Column 3: Waterscape Peplum Dress | Kate Spade Bow Earrings| Hailey Jeans Co. Multi- Color Heel

I also found some other dresses and accessories that seemed like they could fit Carly's style and the event.  You can see these picks in the original post here.  

Carly, I hope you have a great time at the wedding, and I wish many happy blessings to the bride and groom! Thanks for letting me guest post!

Sukey, The Editor at Dress For The Wedding


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  1. There used to be a high end store where I grew up called Suky Rosen. Wonder if it's a connection.


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