Friday, August 24, 2012

Thanks to the Endless Summer Sale, I've been under a Lilly Pulitzer spell for the past few days.

After originally only purchasing these Oasis Readers, I had to go back for more. The prices at this year's sale are unbelievable and I got some amazing deals! I ended up with the cutest pair of reading glasses, two Hayes skirts (one in Skye Blue, one in Spring Fever Toile), and a Dusti Shirt in hyacinth. I can't wait for all my Lilly treasures to arrive!

All the drama with the Lilly site was well worth it. I ended up getting over $400 worth of Lilly goods for under $150 - now that's good shopping!

What did you buy during Lilly Pulitzer's Endless Summer Sale?


  1. that is good shopping! I thought the prices were great this year too!

  2. I've been coveting a Murfee Scarf for what seems like forever now. I finally caved and bought one (who could pass up that price?!) I'm so excited to get it!!


  3. I (finallyyyy) got a Murfee scarf and am over-the-moon to have gotten it (in one of my favorite prints!) for such a great price. I also got a Tay-Tay shift which will be perfect for weddings next year :)

    Not gonna lie though, I had a minor heart attack when my credit card was charged FOUR times for the same transaction. I had to wait almost 45 minutes on hold, but Lilly customer service could not have been more helpful in resolving the error.

    Oh yeah, and I LOVE my new treats! My order was placed at 8:10 EST Tuesday and waiting at my door step on Thursday afternoon... wow!


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