Chi Omega Big/Little Reveal!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yesterday was a much anticipated #TSM day: BIG/LITTLE REVEAL! It was a beautiful sunny day for one of the most memorable sorority moments. I was blessed enough to welcome another Little to my family and now I have twins! 

Last week was C-H-I-O Week - a week of non-stop spoiling Littles by their mysterious Bigs until Big/Little reveal. Each day has a different theme: candy, hand-me-downs, insignia, and owl. I crafted late into the night for my newest Little and made sure her gifts were absolutely perfect! Here's a sample of some of the gifts I gave her:
Coral & yellow letters / Tiffany's inspired pin box
Coral carnation memory box / Big & Little picture frame
My newest Little and I became very close during her new member period and she had a feeling I was her Big. I still wanted C-H-I-O Week and Reveal to be fun for her, so my tricky Big senses kicked in and I misled her with false clues to confuse her. She was so surprised (and probably relieved!) to find out that I was her Big! We had such a fabulous day!

My newest Little, Natalia!
She loved her first set of letters! 
I made us navy v-neck shirts with pink seersucker Greek letters!
I can't forget about my first Little! 
I love Alyssa so much and it's amazing to see her flourishing in Chi Omega!
Me and my Littles, Alyssa and Natalia! Only the best :)
My Little, Alyssa, and Grandlittle, Kylie! Love their powder pink and leopard lettered shirts!

I'm so happy for all the new additions to my Chi Omega family. We are growing larger and larger every year and I couldn't be more excited. I am now the proud Big to two amazing Littles and a beautiful Grandlittle! LICO!


  1. Love this! Big/Little week starts at my alum chapter of PBX this week and I am welcoming a greatgrandlittle!I am so excited to welcome her into my family.

  2. Congrats on your new little and your first little getting a little! That's such an amazing experience! Spoil them all like crazy!

    I cannot wait until I get a little soon enough!


  3. We just had our big little week recently! My Big did the same thing to me!!! Love you blog, especially as a fellow sister! Go Chi O :)


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