Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last weekend, I was back home in Michigan for my cousin's wedding, and ever since then I've been on a crazed wedding high. Yes, I'll admit - I'm one of those girls who has her whole wedding planned on Pinterest and will probably used it to plan my wedding in the future (no shame). I'm dreaming of a "rustic chic" wedding, filled with white roses and pearls, vintage inspired decor, and anything that alludes to classic elegance. Hopefully I won't be waiting for an eternity for my big day, but in the meantime a girl can dream!

In honor of my wedding fever, I decided to share some of my favorites from my wedding Pinterest board. Which of these photos fits into your wedding fantasy?
Love the distressed barn and lights!

The perfect "getting ready" shot. A gift for the groom, perhaps?

I wouldn't mind donning these precious gems on my big day!

Elegant embellished belts are a must.

White roses are ideal for creating a classic romantic setting.

I'm loving on new contemporary dresses. Pick on that shows your personality!

A cake to match the flowers and jewelry. Yummy!

A new way to give the bride and groom marriage tips. Too sweet!

Because we live in a modern world, of course!


  1. I am getting married in 2 years & pretty much everything you pinned is on my board! :) Great minds think alike!


    1. Congrats!! If your wedding is anything like your Pinterest board, it will be stunning! :)

  2. Love everything! I stalk your wedding board all the time. I have no plans to get married in the next few year but my wedding board is the biggest one on my account!

  3. I love the country chic look for a wedding. Anything with mason jars is AMAZING.

  4. I LOVE this dress! Can you tell me the designer and how to find it?



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