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If you're looking for classic American-made menswear, Concord Button Downs is a company you'll want to keep an eye on. Concord Button Downs is a boutique shirting company out of Massachusetts started by two friends, Dan and Andrew. This made-in-American brand features extremely high quality plaid shirts for men that exemplify the timeless New England style that can be passed down through generations. You also show your CBD pride with their decal stickers, koozies, and croakies! In addition to superb plaid shirts, Concord Button Downs also give back by supporting "Ellen’s Heart and Soul", one of the co-founder's philanthropy.

To learn more about Concord Button Downs, scroll down and read my interview with one of the founders of this great company. Also, enter my giveaway below for a Concord Button Downs accessory pack containing two croakies, two koozies, and two decal stickers!

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Here's my interview with owner, Dan Castelline:

How did your company start and what is the inspiration behind your brand?
Truth be told, the company started over beers with an old buddy. Andrew Leavitt, my good friend from high school, and I were looking to create a boutique-clothing brand in the Northeast that embodied a classic New England style. After much thought, we decided to further the brand by linking Concord Button Downs with Andrew’s non-profit, Ellen’s Heart and Soul. The money raised by Concord Button Downs helps fund their annual initiative, Meals for the Heart and Soul.

What do you consider to be your company's specialty?
Although simple, our company’s mission is to produce classic men’s shirts made in the US that represent a New England lifestyle. Our long-term goal is to be recognized as the authentic New England shirt brand, known for its high quality and classic depiction of the Northeast.

What do you consider to be your company's motto?
Our company slogan is, “feel good about what you wear!” We want to help revitalize American made products, and encourage those who sport our shirts to celebrate this worthwhile cause.

What makes your company different from others?
There are a lot of great shirt makers out there, yet we believe to possess the best. Our shirts are very high in quality. The fabric we use, in combination with the craftsmanship of our supplier, produces a truly beautiful shirt.

Who is your ideal customer and what is their lifestyle?
Anyone with money! NO, I’m just joking! We honestly don’t have an ideal customer. People who purchase our shirts typically value quality over quantity, and enjoy classic attire. One of the visions we had when creating Concord Button Downs, was selling shirts that customers could pass down to future generations. That being said, our customers are looking to make an investment in a shirt that will last them many years.

What is your favorite aspect of your company?
I love that we support American products, and are able to combine this passion with the Northeast. Concord, MA, where Andrew and I grew up, possesses a lot of national history. It was our intention to incorporate this “old-fashioned America” into our brand. Additionally, having the opportunity to back Ellen’s Heart and Soul, as well as one of my closest friends, is a great blessing.

Why should people purchase your clothing?
Buy our clothes if you want a shirt that will last you many years, fit great, and provide that All-American look.

What do see for your company in the coming years?
Hopefully more shirts, more affiliations, and more growth opportunities; we’re very pleased with the following we’ve received thus far and are optimistic for what the future has in store. Our primary focus right now is on Spring 2013, as well as working towards a few whole sale accounts. Time will tell, however we’re mainly just grateful for the chance to fulfill a dream.


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  1. Love the Battle Road Plaid shirt!! :)

  2. Loving the barret's mill shirt, it would be great for festive Christmas photos!

  3. I love the (sadly sold out) Bulkley & Willard Plaid

  4. wanttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. and i obviously a couple more croakies.


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