Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{illustration by Amanda C. Bee}

Amanda C. Bee is bringing back some great California memories for me this morning! I was browsing through her Instagram feed and found this illustration of the California state flag. 

Some of my fondest memories were of my trips to California. My dad is from Santa Barbara, so we often vacationed in southern California. Before my grandfather passed away, he lived near Laguna Beach. I loved walking on the beach and the cliffs with him and my family. Currently, my brother and his wife live in San Fransisco and (if you couldn't tell from my Instagram feed) they welcomed a baby boy, my little nephew Malcolm, into the world. 

While I'm not a resident, there is a very special place in my heart for California filled with irreplaceable moments. Thank you, Amanda C. Bee for creating this illustration to remind me of all my most cherished memories!


  1. This is a gorgeous print! I'm dying to go to Cali! I live in the Caribbean, but go to school in Connecticut, and I'm always dying for some warm weather during the long dreary winter months! Hopefully I'll head over there soon :)

  2. What a cute print! I'm moving to California in September :)

  3. i loved your instagrams... and you broke the news to me that it was a boy so thanks!! http://www.iphone5-deals.me.uk


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