Monograms are a (preppy) girl's best friend

Saturday, July 13, 2013

There is no such thing as too many monograms! The latest addition to my monogram collection are these pink and mint monogram decals. These are a great way to add a personal touch to your every day items. I chose to put my monogram decals on my laptop and one of my Lilly Pulitzer tumblers. 

I purchased these decals from Cuttin' Crazy's Etsy store. They have a buy one, get one free offer! Check it out here


  1. I love how bright your monogram is on your laptop! I have one, but it has started to fade...might need to buy a new one!


  2. You can never have too many monograms, in my opinion!

  3. The turquoise monogram looks so good against the lilly print, such a good idea!

  4. Love where you put the monogram on your laptop... now I want to do the same!

  5. Perfect for my planner and binders!

  6. I also just bought some new monogram decals, one for my laptop and one for my new Lilly planner. Monograms are utterly perfect!

    Briana xoxo


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