Live With Purpose

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tomorrow if the first day of sorority recruitment at DePaul! I'm one of those girls who loves the frustrations, crisis situations, and 2am nights with my sisters. This recruitment is especially emotional because it will be my last. I'm giving a big speech at Pref Tea after one of my sisters sings "For Good", and I know I will be a crying hot mess (I cried my eyes out during practice this weekend)!

Being in Chi Omega, and sorority life in general, and taught me to chase my dreams and live with a purpose. I am forever in debt to Chi Omega for shaping me into the woman I am today and transforming me into my best self; someone who cares for others, leads with passion, and does everything with a purpose.

Wish me luck in my last year of recruiting and my big speech at Pref Tea! Good luck to all of you recruiting or going through recruitment!


  1. Wishing you the best of luck. You will do great, no doubt and congrats!!!!

  2. Have a blast during recruitment! Bring home the best :)


  3. Good luck!! You'll do great! Have fun during your last recruitment! :)


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