Becoming Holly Golightly

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

This woman is such an inspiration, I have not one but TWO posters of her in my apartment. Once space can never have enough Audrey. I'm paying homage to this classic woman dressing up as Audrey for my office Halloween costume contest! I know I know, Audrey has been done before, but I love to embrace the fact that Holly Golightly and I can rock an updo, wear pearls on the daily, and have orange cats!

And yes, Tilly will  be playing a role in this costume!

I'll be sure to post photos of my attempt at becoming Holly! What are you dressing up as for Halloween? What are some of the best costumes you've seen?

Here's my costume for my work's costume contest! Happy Halloween, everyone!

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  1. Perfect costume for an office Halloween! Can't wait to see how you look! We had a work holiday party and we had lots of Jay Cutler's limping around.. that was pretty funny. I'm being lazy and "skipping" Halloween this year. Keeping your costume in mind for next year though!


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