Some Lilly a Day Makes the Blues Go Away

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Am I the only one suffering from the Winter Blues? With the wind chill, it feels like it's below freezing every day in Chicago and all I've been willing to wear are leggings and knit sweaters. It's hard to get glamorous when the weather won't cooperate!

I needed to fight off the Winter Blues and I needed to do it fast. What's an easy way to do that? Simple: give your phone a summery makeover. We're always looking at our phones, so why not bring a little color and warmth to those moments? I'm constantly checking Lilly Pulitzer's blog to see what new colorful wallpapers they have. This "Island Cocktail" wallpaper is cheering me up!

You can download this and other Lilly Pulitzer wallpapers for your iPhone, iPad, Facebook, and computer here.

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  1. I use that as my phone background too! It really is cheery!


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