Saturday Blogger Breakfast in Bed

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Happy Saturday and the first day of February! Today is the Blogger Breakfast in Bed hosted by the darling Dorothy from Prep In Your Step! I'm sipping on coffee and nibbling on fresh berries during this virtual breakfast with my blogger friends! Follow along on Twitter and Instagram with #blogbreakfastinbed and feel free to ask us any questions!

Here are some questions Dorothy asked us to answer for y'all...

What is the first thing you do on a lazy Saturday morning?
Make some fresh coffee! I seriously cannot think or speak until I've had a strong cup of coffee. 

What would your ideal breakfast be, don't forget the coffee?!
Because I have so many food allergies, I'm somewhat limited to the foods I can eat in the morning. So realistically, my ideal breakfast would be a giant cup of coffee (obviously), a big bowl of fresh fruit, and a gluten-free bagel with butter and cinnamon sugar! Yummy!

If you could have woken up this morning and been anywhere, where would it be?
Other than my "real" bed back in Michigan (who wouldn't want to wake up at home with their family), I'd love to wake up in the southern beach city of Biarritz, France. I took a trip to France and Spain with some of my best friends after high school graduation and Biarritz was my favorite city we visited. I wouldn't mind living there one day!

What is your favorite Instagram filter?
It's a tie between Amaro and Valencia!

Tilly wanted to get in on the blogger fun too! 

Happy Saturday, everyone! Enjoy the day!


  1. So cute! So is your cat! :)
    North Carolina Belle

  2. I love that mug! Where did you get it? I participated in #blogbreakfastinbed too!

  3. Adorable! Thank you so much for participating!!


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