Guest Post: Spring Must Haves

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hello, lovely readers! First off I’d like to thank Carly for the opportunity to write for her blog in a guest post! For those of you who don’t know me my names Abby and I’m just a teenager who love to write and shop, I  just made a new fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog called Bows Books Beauty and you can also find me on Twitter! Enough about me! Let’s get to what most of you want to hear about; fashion and beauty!
Alright, first let’s begin with makeup and essential beauty. For me I’m a huge fan of bows, and white lace ones from Etsy are perfect for spring! You can find them in so many different online boutiques at an affordable price (not to mention completely adorable). They can add some southern class to your outfit in a matter of seconds.

Chevon is always in season during the warm weather months. From bows to light and airy scarves to cute tops, anything chevron is a must have. Make sure to not mix too many crazy patterns however, as this is distracting to your own beauty! Here I combined both the simplicity of the bow and the excited “fun-ness” of chevron stripes.

I’m a huge fan of using light pinks, shimmery golds, simple neutrals, and stunning peaches for eye shadow. Sephora has an amazing variety of products in all of these colors. If you're looking for a peachy color, I recommend one of Sephora's Single Eye Shadow Pots, or if you're looking for an everyday palette the Naked Eye Palette by Urban Decay will forever be my favorite. 

This spring bright colored capri pants will be making huge statements. Nothing says, "I’m ready to start spring!" like a pair of eye-catching colored pants to compliment your spring break tan! For easy tanners, colors like Tiffany blue, lip-smacking red, and spring green will accent your skin tone. For those with fair skin, stick with light green and baby blue pastels or even a crisp and clean white to compliment your delicate skin tone!

Anchors will make you feel calm and ready for summer to approach, so stock up at Kiel James Patrick. All of their accessories are made in the good 'ole USA, and are made to perfection each time. I guarantee every time you put your bracelet on it will have you yearning for the beach! I love Kiel James Patrick's “Emeral Starboard” and “Boatyard Skipjack” bracelets.

And possibly the most important accessory is your smile! Be confident, and let the radiant inner you shine through! You are a beautiful, strong person, and don’t ever forget it! Thank you all so much for reading my little spring fashion post, and if you liked it come check out my own blog and please send me your feedback via Twitter, I would love to hear what you have to say!

Stay beautiful,


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