Rustic Chic Wedding Inspiration

Monday, August 24, 2015

Devin and I have decided to have a "rustic chic" wedding to go along with our backyard barn wedding with shades of blushes, grays and gold tones. Of course, I've been scouring Pinterest for barn wedding ideas, and I'll admit I've already become overwhelmed! Below are some of the ideas I've narrowed down to: Garden rose & succulent bouquets, handmade wooden signs, and a flowing wedding dress.

But I'd love some input from my readers! Have you ever been to a barn wedding? What was your favorite part? What didn't you like? If you have some ideas you think I should consider for my wedding, leave them in the comments below!


  1. Our wedding photographers (Matt and Ashley Stephens) had a rustic chic barn wedding (the details..I die!). I don't know if you've thought about a photographer yet, but they're FANTASTIC.

    1. We've already booked our photographer, but Matt & Ashley's photos are ADORABLE! Trying not to tear up at work looking at their First-Look photos!! Thanks for sharing!! :)


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