Keeping Cozy on a Fall Date Night

Saturday, September 19, 2015

When I think of Meijer, I normally think of fresh produce, electronics and beauty essentials. But did you know Meijer also carries stylish apparel that can be incorporated into your existing wardrobe? I was  surprised to find so many things on my fall wish list, not just for me but for my hubby-to-be, so for our next date night we stocked up on cute accessories from our favorite grocery store.

On my mission to find fall date night outfits, I was able to snag up an adorable knit poncho and brown floppy hat. How cute are these two pieces together?! They incorporated so seamlessly into my existing wardrobe, pairing this cozy poncho with a white tank top, black leggings and my favorite ankle booties. This poncho may look loosely knit, but I was so warm and cozy all night long – it definitely didn’t disappoint. This adorable panama hat completed my casual date night look (and I received compliments on it all night long), along with my go-to designer bag that mixes effortlessly with Meijer’s items to top off the cozy-chic look. For my makeup, I went with my favorite fall-inspired smoky burgundy eye look (another collab with Meijer I loved!)

Even though he’s engaged to a blogger, my fiancĂ© isn’t big on fashion. Luckily, we found this nice thick black sweater at Meijer that he wore over a collared button-up shirt – his favorite look! He loved how soft and thick the sweater was, and I loved how inexpensive it was to add to his closet!  

Being a fashion blogger, I love finding new ways to stretch my budget – especially when it comes to stocking a wardrobe with all the trends from my favorite fashion magazines. Meijer is my new secret weapon when it comes to finding trendy items without paying designer prices. My favorite part? Trying out a trend, like a floppy hat or lace boot socks, without spending a fortune. No need to spend the big bucks if a trend isn’t one-hundred percent your thing. So next time you’re grocery shopping, you need to check out the women’s and men’s sections at Meijer. You will find fashionable and affordable pieces that can easily layer with existing wardrobe!

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  1. I know what you mean about having to stretch your budget! It's so hard to resist the expensive pieces sometimes! Cute post!



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