How To (Successfully) Work From Home

Sunday, February 28, 2016

In today's modern career world, some people are lucky enough to have flexible schedules and work-life balances. Fortunately, I'm one of those lucky people who can work from home occasionally. This can be daunting to some. "I would get SO distracted working at home", my friends always say to me. After working from home a half-dozen times, I've nailed down an at-home work routine that will keep you productive in your pajamas.

Get out of bed
The first step is moving out of the bedroom. Working from the comfort of your bed can seem like a relaxing location, but can also put you back to sleep. To kickstart your working brain, get out of bed and set up shop somewhere else in your home. My favorites are the living room or dining room.

Create a designated space
If you don't have a specific office space in your home, create a temporary one to seclude yourself in a productive environment. I'll either take over the giant coffee table in our living room or the dining room table. Clear the surface of all non-work items and get to work. A clear, productive space makes a clear, productive mind!

Hide your cellphone
Much like in formal workplace, using your cell phone can be very distracting. Checking in on your own social media & texts can hinder your productivity at home. I like to keep my iPhone in my bedroom or turn it on Do Not Disturb mode when I'm working from home. This way, I'm not spending 20 minutes on my phone every time it dings. 

Take normal breaks
I'm a huge proponent for taking short, periodically break at work. This should be no different when you're working from home. Just like during an intense workout, the brain needs short breaks in order to make it through a marathon of a to-do list. I like to take twenty minute breaks every two hours to browse through personal social media, catch up on my favorite blogs or browse new sites. 

Next time you're able to work from home, give some of these tips and try and let me know how they worked for you!

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  1. My husband usually works at the office. Because he wants to. But yesterday he did go into the office and then had some oral surgery and then came home and worked the rest of the day at home. He is very dedicated.
    He went back to the office though this morning, though.


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