New in Beauty: TRESemmé Expert Selection

Monday, February 29, 2016

I'm very picky when it comes to haircare products. While my hair looks tame and managed, my locks are thick and frizzy yet fine. I typically have to use a smoothing product for my frizzy hair, but also want a product that will add volume to my fineness. TRESemmé's new Expert Selection line gives me a perfect balance between sleek soft hair with an oomph of texture and volume. 

TRESemmé's Expert Selection line comes with a new Reverse System where you condition your hair first and shampoo your hair second. To be honest, I was very skeptical about this combo. My hair stylist always tells me shampoo strips your hair of natural oils and to shampoo is only few times a week and only condition every day in the shower. So when I received this products my first thought was, "if I'm conditioning my hair first, won't the shampoo strip out all the moisture?" 

I'm actually BLOWN AWAY with this product. The conditioner is so lush and moisturizing, something I already expected from a TRESemmé product. The shampoo pleasantly surprised me as well. It's thinner than a traditional shampoo and the lather isn't as bubbly, so I feel like it doesn't rinse away all the moisture from the conditioner. I towel dried my hair, massaged the TRESemmé Hair Maximizer and blow dried as I normally would. I styled my hair with my favorite effortless waves and finished with the TRESemmé Flexible Finish Hairspray. All these products combined created a soft yet voluminous look that was touchable soft and moved weightlessly.

I highly recommend you head to Meijer and pick up these four products from TRESemmé's Expert Selection line and see what happens when you reverse your normal hair-washing routine!

This post is sponsored by Meijer. All opinions are my own!

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