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Saturday, April 1, 2017

You don't need me to tell you there's a coconut oil trend going on right now, but coconut oil has actually been used in beauty regimens for centuries. It's one of the most versatile products on the market right now, and with the help of social media beauty enthusiasts are learning how they can incorporate this natural product into their everyday routine. 

Kopari a beauty brand based in Southern California and centers all their luxurious beauty products around the beloved coconut. I found Kopari through Serein Wu's interview with the brand's founder Kiana. After that interview, I purchased two products on the spot: their classic Coconut Melt and Coconut Rose toner. I'm in love with the Coconut Rose toner (I'll save that review for my next skincare update), but the real hero here is their luxurious Coconut Melt. 

The Coconut Melt is Kopari's signature product, and you can literally use this product from head to toe. The smell is sweetly intoxicating - not like the bland scent you get from grocery store coconut oil. Coconut Melt smells deliciously sweet because they source their coconut oil from the best quality vendors in the Philippines. 

I can honestly say I will forever be hooked on Coconut Melt, and I hope Kopari never stops making it. It's a staple in my daily routine, and I can't imagine a day without it. I like to use Coconut Melt five different ways:

1. Body Moisturizer - I love using Coconut Melt after showering in the morning and at night before bed. It's sweet smell lulls me to sleep and I wake up with ultra-hydrated skin. It sinks into the skin similar to a dry oil, and never leaves me feeling sticky or slimy. 

2. Eye cream - living in bitter cold Michigan can take a toll on my skin, especially my under eyes. For an added layer of moisture, I accompany a tiny amount of Coconut Melt with my nightly eye serum. I wake up with brighter more hydrated eyes.

3. Hair Mask - I bleach my hair, so my ends can often look damaged and dry. I focus this product on my roots and ends, massage in, leave on for 30 minutes, shampoo & condition. My hair has never been softer! I also like to mix Coconut Melt with my Pravana purple toning mask - which on it's own can dry out my hair. To maintain my hair's moisture, I like to do this once a week. 

4. Hot baths - I add a scoop of Coconut Melt to my hot bath after a stressful day or a hot yoga session. I can instantly feel a slip of hydration in the water, and my skin feels silly smooth underwater. When I get out, I make sure to pat dry as to not lose the luxurious moisture. 

5. Shaving - I love using this product for shaving - wet and dry! It leaves my legs and armpits hydrated, smooth and irritation bump-free!

The best part? Big companies are jumping on the Kopari bandwagon, too, and now Kopari products can be found online and in-store at Sephora and QVC. You can buy full-sized products and mini value packs to give you a taste of coconut luxury.

Let me know in the comments if you've tried any Kopari products! What are your favorites? If you haven't tried any, which would you try? Browse their products here to take a peek!

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